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Measure X renews an expiring parcel tax and allows our schools to keep eXcellent teachers, maintain small class sizes, and offer eXcellent programs. We are a locally funded school district, and we rely on parcel taxes to keep our schools eXcellent.

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EXcellent schools are the foundation of our thriving community. That’s why Measure X is endorsed by a broad coalition of community members, including elected officials, parents, business owners, and education leaders. Add your voice to the growing list of endorsers who value an eXcellent education for all children.

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Yes on X is a grassroots, volunteer campaign dedicated to protecting our eXcellent schools. Measure X needs to pass with a two-thirds majority. It will take our whole community coming together to support Measure X. Get involved by volunteering, donating  or endorsing today!

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Community Support for Measure X


“Measure X is essential to the future of our K-8 public schools and our community. It provides essential funds that will enable our schools to retain dedicated, high-quality teachers and address continued enrollment growth, as well as meet the state-mandated pension obligations that local districts are required to pay. Even with Measure X, the district will need to make cuts. Let's minimize the impact to students and provide them a promising future by voting "yes" for Measure X.” - Theanne Thompson




“Through a great cooperative effort in our community over the past 25 years, we have been able to develop excellent schools. Great schools have become a cornerstone of our community. We need to maintain the foundation we have built. By passing Measure X, we can maintain the quality of our schools and continue to educate our children to a high standard.” - Mark Box 


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